CNY 2022 - 13+1 Online Places To Get Gift Yummy Cookies, Pineapple Tarts

We’ve provide CNY favourites like pineapple tarts, peanut cookies & almond London! Here’s where to buy popular CNY cookies in Malaysia, 2022.

1. Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie

Chef Wendy Loh has prepared an array of goodies to ring in the new year. There are around nine ‘2022 T.E.M.P.T.R.E.S.S. CNY Cookies’ gift sets with a combination of snacks, including:
– Golden pineapple tarts
– Salted egg yolk cookies
– Almond cookies
– Green pea cookies
– Butter cookies
– Peanut cookies
– Cereal cookies

You can also buy them individually.

2. Serene's Kitchen

Small business Serene’s Kitchen, based in Cheras, is homemaking a limited edition ‘Fortune’ gift set with the cutest CNY cookie designs. It also comes with two tubs of cookies.

They’re selling:
– Pineapple rolls
– Belgium chocolate and almond chips cookie
– Cranberry shortbread
– Coffee/Original butter cookie

3. D'sert Cakery

If you’re visiting any homes this year or want to impress the in-laws, D’sert Cakery has put together a ‘Prosperity Stack’ gift box. It includes:
– 8 Chicken bakkwa
– 1 Walnut choco crisp (tub)
– 1 Florentine biscotti (tub) 
– 1 “Good things to come” persimmon red bean cake 
– 1 “Good things to come” peanut red bean cake
– 2 Mandarin oranges
– 6 Pineapple tarts (pack)
– 1 Peanut cookies (tub) 
– 1 Almond shield (tub)

4. UNBOX by Huff and Puff

Back by popular demand, UNBOX by Huff and Puff has brought out its Beng Chai Hong set —with a collection of peanut brittle and pineapple rolls in four pretty tins. Warning: The peanut brittle is addictive, we couldn’t stop munching!

This year, they also have other cool ‘gift sets’, such as a retro wooden Bingo lotto game filled with old school snacks, a mini wooden cabinet with goodies, and a stylish wooden kit with bakkwa. 

5. Baking Trip

Local bakery The Baking Trip is offering several gift sets with yummy CNY goodies, including some of the following:
– Chocolate almond chip cookies (100g)
– Buckwheat genmaicha cookies (100g) 
– Matcha chocolate fudge tart (100g) 
– Nuts and seed crackers (100g)

They also have a gift basket with a combination of cookies, condiments, and tea leaves. Their smaller gift set includes orange marmalade too! Perfect gifts for aunties, parents, or friends. 

You can order the gift box here. Or get the bag of condiments with cookies here and their smaller gift box here.

6. Joe Yee Leong

What’s CNY without tubs and tubs of all the snacks you love? Fill your tables with arrowroot chips, pure almond slices, pineapple tarts, peanut cookies, kuih kapit, sambal prawn crackers, and other tasty, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE snacks.

You can ask for the full list or order via WhatsApp here.

7. It's Ho Some

It’s Ho Some is selling cute tiger-shaped butter cookies filled with pineapple paste, as well as crunchy 72% cocoa or coffee pecan cookies. 

They are offering delivery all over Klang Valley or you can self-collect from Bukit Jalil. 

8. Joyous

This aesthetic bakkwa package is perfect for gifting this CNY! It comes with 10 individually vacuum-packed pork bakkwa (700g – 800g). They are delivering nationwide.

Joyous is also selling a pretty yee sang package and woven gift box with bakkwa, seaweed crisps, cookies, and a Pu Er tea bag. 

You can get the bakkwa gift set here. Or the yee sang package here and the woven gift box here.

9. Bake Creation

Local dessert shop Bake Creation is based in KL and specialises in designer cakes and customer creations. This year, they’ve made a CNY special ‘Roarsome Assorted Cookies Box’ with a variety of adorable cookies.

The flavours include:
– Hojicha sable
– Earl grey sable
– Royal icing cookie
– Osmanthus cookie
– Marble matcha cookie
– Coconut coffee cookie
– Pineapple tart cookie
– Vanilla butter cookie
– Sea salt chocolate cookie

10. Irene & Seeya

Prep for all the card games and mahjong nights with a table filled with the best CNY snacks!

This seller is offering tubs of air-fried ngaku chips, lotus root chips, fried surimi with dried chillies, chicken floss egg rolls, duck egg kuih kapit, and more drool-worthy snacks. 

You can find out the full list or order via WhatsApp here.

11. Trueloafbakery

Trueloafbakery is a small business currently offering all types of CNY snacks and cookies.

Here’s their selection:
– Pineapple tarts
– Cornflake and cranberry cookies
– Peanut cookies
– Almond cookies
– Florentine
– Crispy seaweed popiah
– Deep-fried crabsticks
– Popiah with icing sugar

We’ve got our eye on that crispy seaweed popiah :O drools. Any items ordered will be delivered via Grab or you can self-pickup from the Sunway area.

12. Brown Sugar By Fiqa C

Brown Sugar By Fiqa C is a small bakery business based in Bangsar, KL, that has come up with a scrumptious cookie gift set for CNY.

It comes in a pretty gift bag which includes:
– Butter cookies (70g)
– Salted dark chocolate cookies (120g)
– Chocolate cookies (130g)

13. Tea Party With Fredah

Small business Tea Party With Fredah has prepared a gift box with a variety of goodies. 
It includes:
– 1 Curry leaves crabsticks
– 1 Lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves crabsticks
– 1 Chinese ornament and leaf
– 1 Halal lemongrass and Bentong ginger tea
– 1 paper fan (random colour)

13A. The Buttercake Factory

The Buttercake Factory’s CNY collection includes an adorable ‘Royal Cubcakes’ set, a basket full of CNY goodies, and a three-tub cookie combo gift set. 

You can select a combo of the following:
– Prawn rolls
– Pineapple rolls
– Almond thins
– Almond florentine
– Kuih bangkit
– Classic butter cookies
– Ngaku
– Fried crab meat

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